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Radical Pinoys
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1. Are you all Leftists/Communists/Joma Sison supporters?
No, we are a mixed group of Left-leaning people, but we have among us anarchists, progressives, socialists, and a bunch of people somewhere "sa kaliwa ng moderate".

2. Do you have to be in the Philippines to join the Radical Pinoy community?
Nope. We prefer Pinoys living "on the islands", so to speak, but we welcome radical Fil-Ams, or anybody else with progressive ideas about matters related to Philippine socio-political/economic culture. We will not put up with any kind of sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and piveleging of "First World"/industrialized/"developed" nations (without good reason).

3. Are non-Filipinos allowed to post here?
By all means... I'd like to believe that this is a mini-democracy, of sorts. But just remember that you're responsible for whatever you say, so if you come here hoping to start a fight, then don't get pissy if/when you are called on your shit.

4. What language does this message board use?
We write in whatever language we're comfortable with... Tagalog, English, Taglish, "Filipino", Bisaya, Cebuano... I hope that this Community grows so large that there will be enough Members to do the needed translation.

5. So this is a political Community. Does that mean I can't talk about "fun stuff"?
Yes, you can talk about adobo, Iskul Bukol, and Jessica Haggedorn, but please do so in a critical way, okei?

Check out the list below, for some topics that you might want to write about.

O, may magtatanong pa ba?

"If you can bake ensaymada, you can make a bomb..."

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